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News and Updates

Any changes and updates will be listed here, please make sure you check this list from time to time to keep up with the trail

8th June 2017
Last assignment has been added
END DATE: 26th june 2017

30th November 2016
Yes, this year we wanna bring it further by making this a team event! Hang in there, pre-reg is gonna open very soon!

See you all at the trails real soon!
- Cursey & Cyppie!







Royal & Imperial Stables and Nattvik invites everyone from near and far to join an amazing trail ride that will take you on a route  from Hungary to Austria, through Europe to the Norwegian border for the last phase of the trail with the official finishline at Nattvik. This is an extreme trail ride, and not for young and unexperienced horses and riders.The many kilometers to travel, a wide range of dangers hidden by a peacefull nature scenery, changing between different horses and cold winter nights alone with your horse, or together with another participant. What will be your strategy on the travel through a wintery Europe? Will you pair up, ride as a group or take the risk and travel  alone? The winter's biggest adventure is waiting for you!

:new: END DATE: June 26th 2017
Last assignment can be found here:…

... General Information ...
:bulletblue: everyone must bring 3 horses to the trail ride
:bulletblue: all horses must be realistic breeds! (i.e. no breeds with unnatural colours, wings, etc)
:bulletblue: all horses must be winter resistant (that means only horses that do well in snow, prefered obertaurers, norwegian mountainers, fjords, etc!)
:bulletblue: wild caught Obertaurers and Norwegian Mountainers do not need training or previous endurance experience
:bulletblue: If you need winter resistant horses, Nattvik will provide Norwegian Mountainers for you to ride on the trail! (read further down)
:bulletblue: Other horses must have been trained and/or competed at least once in endurance (1 training and/or 1 entry picture)
:bulletblue: riders must have dealt with guns at least one time (hunting picture etc.) If not, they will be trained by the staff at Nattvik to get the hunting license
:bulletblue: Riders must be 18 years or older, horses above 5 years of age
:bulletblue: The Rider has to prove show records in Endurance Racing. (except for the newbie)
:bulletblue: Dress warm! It is winter, deep snow and a long travel, and we don't want anyone to get sick!
:bulletblue: Everyone will be equiped with a hunting rifle and a box of ammunition, compass, map, tent and extra warm sleeping bag at the start.
:bulletblue: The trail will take place over a period of 4 weeks (december month) for the participants, (artists will however have 3-4 months to complete their entries)!

:new: NEW 2016/2017 - TEAM RACE
:bulletblue: Everyone must enter a team where one is a mentor (a rider that has previously finished TWD at least once) and the other is a freshman (a rider never participated in twd before).
:bulletblue: All horses still require to be winter resistant, however the horses used by newbies may only need a single training picture. The newbie rider does not need to have endurance experience.
:bulletblue: Newbies are only required to complete hungary and austria. Completing all 4 phases are mandatory for the mentors to be able to recieve the title.
:bulletblue: All newbies completing Hungary and Austria will recieve a medal of honor in Obertauern and gain lifetime free access to enter TWD as well as horses will automatically be approved for upcoming years with TWD.
:bulletblue: Only mentors who complete all 4 phases will fight for the title of Ultimate Survivor. However newbies who are up for a challenge are welcome to join the transportation phase and continue the journey in Norway

... Preregistration ...
NOTE: PLEASE be sure to read up on infos given so you dont get disappointed if we see the need to reject parts of or complete teams due to formalities
Keep in mind to enter the most sturdy horse at the Norway phase!

----  registration for mentor and newbie is sent TOGETHER by ONE of the team members, NOTE THE GROUP WITH THE PREREG -----

Team name:
:bulletblue: Rider's name:
:bulletblue: Rider's age:
:bulletblue: Stable & Country:
:bulletblue: Horse 1 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: Horse 3 (name + ref):

:bulletblue: Horse 1 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Horse 3 training and/or competition picture (link):

:bulletblue: Rider's Proof of finishing TWD (all entries):
:bulletblue: Hunting License (link to picture of your rider with a gun):

:bulletblue: Rider's name:
:bulletblue: Rider's age:
:bulletblue: Stable & Country:
:bulletblue: Horse 1 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: (If entering in Norway) Horse 3 (name + ref):

:bulletblue: Horse 1 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: (If entering in norway) Horse 3 training and/or competition picture (link):

--- preregistration ends 7th January 2017! ---

DEADLINE for finishing the four obligatory entry pictures: ---
-please don't forget to submit your entries and extras to the right folders

The Assignments in General
:bulletblue: You will be required to draw 4 entry pictures to complete the trail and officialy reach the finish line
:bulletblue: You will be given optional assignments to earn extra points (avoiding these will however NOT disqualify you)
:bulletblue: Read the short stories that comes along with the entry tasks and the optional assignments; they are there for inspiration!
:bulletblue: Each of the entry pictures must future one of the horses you have brought, (except the transportation entry), that means one horse for each of the other entry pictures!
:bulletblue: The weather conditions etc. will be described on each of the entry tasks and optional assignments
:bulletblue: We also encourage interaction and rp between stables!

:bulletblue: The Ultimate Survivor!
The overall winner will be titled the ''ultimate survivor'' (see the rules and registration post for scoring system). This is the one that has the highest scoring and shows exceptional good horsemanship and survivor skills during the trail! The Ultimate Survivor will get a; FULL BODY FULLY SHADED DRAWING featuring all 3 horses and the rider with photo-edited background! The picture will be collab between abosz007 and cyprussian!

bulletblue: The Route


Wanna enter but got no horse?

Nattvik will offer Norwegian Mountainers for everyone that wants to enter, but either have too few, or no winter resistant horses. Send a note titled ''leasing mountainers'' where you tell us how many horses you need. You will get those you need with a general (short) description on coat colour and characteristica on each horse, leaving some of the design work up to you. Also, if you lease mountainers from Nattvik and finishes all 4 entry pictures, you will have the possibility to adopt the mountainers you borrowed.

- also, remember that if you lease mountainers, these horses do not need any training or past competitions.

If you participated with a borrowed Mountainer last year you are FREE TO USE THE SAME HORSE THIS YEAR TOO!
People with horses previously entered in TWD or else is see fit may lease them out as well (remember to check with us first in case of doubt!)

Need hunter license?
If your rider has not entered any hunting events, Nattvik offers practical and theoretical courses for your rider. To get your license, simply draw your rider handling a gun at the shooting range in Nattvik. (background and shading is not needed, neither is full body or lot's of details, this is only to proove your rider to have some knowledge about hunting because of the risk of meeting predators and having to scare them off or, in rare cases, killing them in a humane way without the animal suffering).

~ Good Luck to all participants!!!
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JollySharks Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
Is this group for everyone?
cyprussian Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! This group is for everyone who wants to participate in the event. However this year's race is almost over and preregistration has been closed for a while. Please follow us for when we open up another race, probably already this autumn if you'd like to participate :heart: :aww:
JollySharks Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017
Thank you :meow:
I was planning when it was open this year, but I fought it was a closed Group, or open only for a few People ^^;
I will deffinitly  participate :D
MortstheMorts Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm a newbie with a (Drakengard) horse I just got! Where can I find a mentor? ;u;
datoxicclock Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously though, thanks for running this! I'm hoping to be happy enough with my art by next year to enter myself!
BeingBay Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016
Will this be back again this year? :D
GabiHorseArt98 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student General Artist
I meant 2013
GabiHorseArt98 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student General Artist
When Will you be bringing the art prize for the winners from TWD?
I remember participating and winning the 2014 season and I haven`t received mine yet =(…
allisonneal Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm, If this goes on again this year I might have some of my horses and riders in this. Does it have to be a specific breed? 
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